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Bats And Flying Foxes

The AJP values flying foxes and bats for their intrinsic worth and believes we should provide and maintain their basic needs, instead of seeing them as ‘pests’.

Key Objectives

  1. To address misinformation focusing on bats as dangerous pests to be culled or relocated. A positive image should be promoted focusing on bats’ irreplaceable ecological benefits.
  2. To outlaw the killing of flying foxes including by landholders for damage mitigation (whether deliberately by shooting and electrocution or from being entangled in nets).
  3. To increase flying fox habitat.
  4. To require the use of wildlife friendly netting or other non-harmful alternatives to protect orchards where flying foxes are a problem.
  5. To ban the use of barbed wire and electrified fencing in rural residential areas where they are a hazard to flying foxes and bats as well as to birds, kangaroos, gliders, possums, wallabies and people.

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