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Establish a Federal Animal Protection Body

There are many systemic legal problems in Australia, meaning animals aren’t adequately protected by the law. As a result, Australia is recognised, globally, as having weak animal protection laws, and we have received a G grade in the 2020 World Animal Protection Index.

Most of the responsibility for animal protection laws is in the hands of the states. But this responsibility is usually managed by departments that also regulate primary industries; the exact industries that often lead to animal exploitation and suffering. This means that the same departments that regulate recreational hunting, commercial fishing and animal agriculture, also regulate animal protection. It doesn’t add up and creates a conflict of interest, with these departments often pursuing profitability for industry over the protection of animals.

The Animal Justice Party advocates for the introduction of a federal Independent Office of Animal Protection (IOAP), the first step in the transition to a new, kinder Australia. Using the Federal Government’s constitutional power to regulate corporations, the IOAP will be created to independently investigate and report on the commercial exploitation of animals in Australia. The IOAP will actively investigate and support opportunities for commercial operations to switch to a cruelty-free business model.

Please sign and put your support behind our campaign for an IOAP that will: 

  1. Enable the current conflicts of animal and human interests to be removed, and for animals to have better protection under law.
  2. engage experts to help advise the government on animal protection issues, and will be armed with the necessary resources and power to investigate commercial animal exploitation.
  3. Promote animal rights on factory farms and in other related industries, and prosecute offenders.
  4. Commission internationally recognised and impartial animal welfare scientists to inform the development of animal protection policies, laws and standards.

Establish a Federal Animal Protection Body

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